The Annnual Pigeon

In the first Edge of the Empire game I ran I let the players pick from a choice of ships and, all being KoToR veterans, they unanimously picked the Dynamic Class Freighter, and decided to name it the Annual Pigeon. Thereís a good map floating around from West End Games, but it is clearly accurate to the highly modified Ebon Hawk in KoToR. I edited it somewhat to remove some of the excessive weapons and change the colour. I also swapped out some of the unnecessary rooms (a dedicated Communications room and a small storage compartment) for rooms that would actually be required to live on a ship for more than a few hours (a Galley and ďRefresherĒ (aka Toilet/Shower)).

Wayfarer-class Medium Transport

This was really a small tweak. Thereís a good, if low res, map floating around of the Wayfarer, although most of them have the key and original author removed (I have no idea why). I eventually found one with the key still attached and photoshopped it to remove the Headhunters and Speeder bikes. Other than that I havenít changed it.

The Kova

Our GM dropped a VCX-350 light freighter in our lap, and we quickly settled in. But there are only a few maps available online, both fan-made and I wasnít particularly keen on either of them. So I made my own. My thinking is that, much like Serenity, once the passengers are aboard they are asked to stay in the central area and not go forward towards the cockpit or backwards towards the cargo holds.

I have also taken some liberties with the side airlocks. Both of the other maps Iíve seen online agree that this is a two-floor ship, so it makes no sense to have the airlocks between floors, so I put them on the top floor. The bottom floor has a large cargo ramp and bomb-bay hatch, and there are a pair of cargo lifts to transfer cargo between decks. I deliberately did not use the space as efficiently as possible because I wanted to keep the layout interesting for combat encounters, but equally I tried not to obviously waste space either.

Landing Bay

This is a generic Imperial style docking bay. Maybe itís a Star Destroyer, maybe itís a Death Star or maybe itís something else. There is no single docking bay I was trying to replicate, but I was most strongly influenced by this image. I left it mostly empty so that I could fill it with whatever cargo or ship I need at the time.

Variant with Lambda Shuttle

Variant with Dynamic class Freighter

Variant with No TIEs

Hair of the Vornskrr

The Hair of the Vornskrr is a cantina that, in my game, exsists on an old wrecked Jedi Cruiser once called the Invincible, now refitted as a smugglar's space station renamed the Vincible. This particular cantina is a mid-spectrum drinking bar, not too sleezy but not too swanky either. The layout was broudly copied from an old map I found of a cantina that was similar to Chalmun's Cantina just to save me having to think too hard about a layout that would work as a cantina but also be an interesting encounter.